Think developers should build homes right the first time? So do we.

When water damage, leaky roofs, bad foundations, mold, drainage problems, and other defects are the result of shoddy construction, homeowners face serious financial burdens and disruption to their lives. That is why we support good building design, quality workmanship, sound construction practices, and a commitment to quality at all price points from affordable to luxury homes in Colorado. Simply put, developers should be held accountable for the products they sell Coloradans.



We can’t hesitate to stand up for our homeowners and communities. Deep pocketed developers are plotting to change the state’s construction defects laws. Why? So we can’t hold them responsible for their shoddy products –products they sell as forever homes to hardworking Coloradan families. Help us make everyday Coloradans be heard at the capital. 


The battle to protect homeowners

Some big builders and developers are pouring big bucks into undermining Colorado's construction defects laws that hold them accountable for producing safe, well-built homes. Even though they say they can't build affordable housing because there's too much liability, a recent economic report showed that the industry's argument holds little water.

All housing – affordable, mid-range and luxury – should be built right the first time. And homeowners should have the ability to hold builders accountable for shoddy construction. NOW is the time to make our voices heard and support homeowners' rights!



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