Senate votes to strip homeowners of rights

Senate votes to strip homeowners of rights

Colorado’s state Senate voted to pass both Senate Bill 91 and Senate Bill 177, thus stripping homeowners of important rights needed to hold builders responsible for their work. However, neither were passed without a heated debate and plenty of controversy. Hopefully Colorado’s House of Representatives will protect homeowners and won’t let the bills become law. Check out the press from this past week below:

colorado-independent Victims of Denver’s housing stampede weigh in on perennial construction-defects bill

The broken home

Take Jonathan Harris. He bought his brand new Five Points condo back in 2004. He loved the downtown location and things were swell for the first few years. Then the rain came.

“Our building’s not waterproof, and that’s really what it comes down to,” said Harris. “You hope for your building to be waterproof. It’s those little things.”

As water saturated the stucco-faced structure, ill-affixed awnings and balconies began to sag dangerously. The damage from leaks got so bad that two of the building’s units are still entirely uninhabitable… CLICK HERE TO READ MORE >>

logo Construction defects bill passes hurdle in Colorado Senate

A controversial bill that would limit lawsuits against condo builders passed a key vote in the state Senate Friday, but it faces an uncertain future once it moves to the House.

Democratic leadership in the House is skeptical the bill can alleviate a severe lack of condo building… CLICK HERE TO READ MORE >>

NYjKYmVW_400x400 Colorado Senate debates homebuilder liability bills

DENVER – Two bills to make it harder to sue Colorado homebuilders are up for debate Friday in the state Legislature.

The state Senate is scheduled to take votes on two bills related to homebuilder product liability… CLICK HERE TO READ MORE >>

denver_business_journal1  Construction-defects bill for houses gets Colorado Senate approval

One day before it is scheduled to debate a high-profile construction-defects reform bill meant to restart the condominium market, the Colorado Senate on Thursday gave preliminary approval to another measure that attempts to limit defects lawsuits regarding houses… CLICK HERE TO READ MORE >>


Senate gives construction defects bill final vote, despite concerns

Construction-defects bill gets green light in Colorado Senate

Colorado Senate passes bill reducing time to file defects claim

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