Lakewood Sentinel: Construction defects ordinance passes

Lakewood Sentinel: Construction defects ordinance passes


Construction defects ordinance passes

Ordinance would will make litigation more difficult

Lakewood City Council passed an ordinance by a vote of 7 to 4 that will change the way construction defect issues are handled by builders.

No votes were from Ward 3 councilwoman Shakti, Ward 3 councilman Pete Roybal, Ward 1 councilwoman Ramey Johnson and Ward 4 councilman David Wiechman.

The ordinance will make it more difficult for homeowner associations (HOAs) to sue developers over alleged construction defects, by giving builders a chance to fix the problems before litigation starts. The ordinance only applies to future projects.

The ordinance comes after the state Legislature first took up the issue in 2005, when builders say the assembly froze the new condominium market by making it too easy for homeowners to sue over property defects. This has led to increased insurance premiums that make condos too expensive to build.

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