Editorial comes in strong against limiting builder liability

Editorial comes in strong against limiting builder liability

The Aurora Sentinel published a strong editorial this week, criticizing Senate Bills 177 and 91, both of which aim to reduce homeowner rights. Take a look below:

as-logo-color  PERRY: Affordable housing would be costly if Colo. approves homebuilder profit bills

Never having sipped the potent and prolific Kool Aid dished out by housing developers and homebuilders, I can come at the problem of dwindling affordable housing in Aurora and the metro area with a sober mind.

City officials and some state lawmakers here and across the region, however, are clearly drunk on the stuff.

I’ll certainly agree that the price of homes in the metro area is sky high. It’s surreal that Denver cannot build luxury homes and condos fast enough, and the price for them just keeps getting higher… CLICK HERE TO READ MORE>>

Meanwhile, here is the latest update from the Capital. The bills should be heard at the end of next week.

denver_business_journal1 House speaker wants construction-defects bill amended

House Speaker Dickey Lee Hullinghorst on Tuesday laid out her clearest directive yet for passing a construction-defects reform bill: Amend it to include a right for condominium owners to file a lawsuit, or the bill is likely to die.

Business, municipal and affordable-housing groups teamed up last week to help pass a bill out of committee that would make it more difficult for small numbers of condo owners to file class-action defect lawsuits, and would require mediation or arbitration if such a remedy is prescribed in their contracts with the builder when they purchase their homes… CLICK HERE TO READ MORE>>

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