Durango Herald editorial: Building lawsuits

Durango Herald editorial: Building lawsuits

The Durango Herald:

Building lawsuits

Proposed ‘reform’ would involve the government where it does not belong

One of the issues expected to be taken up by the Colorado Legislature when it convenes next month is a proposal to make it more difficult for condominium buyers to sue builders over construction defects. It is a bad idea being advanced for bogus reasons. The Legislature does not need to and should not get involved.

Builders do not like being sued and want our lawmakers to help protect them from condo owners upset about the quality of their homes’ construction. Under current law, a lawsuit can proceed if the owners of two units in a project want to sue.

A bill put forward last year, would have required a majority of condo owners in a homeowners association to support the suit. Backing it was state Sen. Jessie Ulibarri, D-Commerce City.

But why assign a number at all? If one unit’s owner believes the builder has been negligent or dishonest, why should that person not be able to seek redress? There is no minimum number of cars in a crash. Why is there with defective construction? And why would the Legislature think that effectively intervening in civil matters is its responsibility?

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Jenny Davies-Schley

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