A Big Win for Homeowners

A Big Win for Homeowners

d r horton

Imagine for a moment that you start experiencing problems with the condo you saved up for years to buy. The stucco is cracking, water leaks through the roof, and the windows and sliding glass doors are faulty. Repairs could cost over $30,000. Then you start hearing that neighbor after neighbor is going through the same thing – and the builder refuses to make appropriate repairs.

Now imagine that you have to go toe-to-toe with America’s largest homebuilder to be able to make it right.

Homeowners in Jacksonville, Florida had to do just that when they took D.R. Horton, the largest homebuilder in the nation, to court last month. Even those the odds were stacked against them due to unfair, predatory clauses restricting homeowners’ rights, Heron’s Landing homeowners won their construction defect case against D.R. Horton and will now be made whole after four years of battle.

“There are so many developer/builders that build these complexes, walk away from it, and don’t look back,” Heron’s Landing property manager Karen Floyd said. “And they’re not ever held accountable. I think this is a landmark case where the builder/developer has been held accountable now.”

Here in Colorado, homeowners face similar David vs. Goliath challenges when builders and developers don’t build it right the first time. All too often, they endure years of frustration, and costly legal battles, just to ensure that they can live in safe, well-constructed homes.

Construction defects aren’t common, but when they occur, Colorado homeowners should have the right to a fair jury trial – just like those in Heron’s Landing – in order to protect the most expensive purchase most of them will ever make.

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